WELCOME ABOARD! – Information in English

Experience the city of Bergen from aboard its oldest running ferry.

Tourist attraction, cultural treasure or simply the quickest way of getting across Vågen? For more than a century, Beffen has been a charming, popular and recognisable figure in the seaside cityscape of Bergen. We transport 60.000 passengers across Vågen every year, sailing back and forth between the wharf and Nordnes every ten minutes.

Do you want to give your stay in Bergen a distinctly maritime feature? Why not hire Beffen for an unforgettable excursion of your own choosing? Whether you fancy a day of sightseeing on the fjords or need transportation to a specific destination, our sturdy little ferry and its experienced captain will safely take you there and back again. Feel free to contact us with any questions and inquiries!

Below you will find the most essential information about Beffen — Please contact us if you are in need of additional info:

  • Crossings every 10 minutes
  • Operating hours: Monday-Friday 07.30 – 16.00
  • Saturdays (May-August only) 11.00 – 16.00
  • Ticket price adults: NOK 30,-
  • Ticket price children (0-16 years): NOK 15,-
  • Questions? Call +47 476 61 943 or email lindaholmedal@hotmail.com


In 1894, engineer Jacob Trumpy was granted contractual right to establish his own passenger ferry service over Vågen in Bergen. Trumpy founded the company A/S Bergens Elektriske Færgeselskab, shortened “B.E.F.” — which later lead to the ferry’s well-known nickname «Beffen». In a town famous for its mountainous terrain, water-borne transportation had always been preferred, and Trumpy’s ferry service became a valuable part of Bergens infrastructure. The BEF ferries were originally powered by rechargeable electrical batteries, until the introduction of the petrol engine in 1926.

With time, new bridges, tunnels and better roads caused Bergens bustling maritime activity to diminish. Today, “Beffen” is the only surviving ferry from that bygone era, a lonely reminder of how valuable Bergen’s local ferry services used to be. The recognisable Beffen ferries still bear their original design from the 1940’s — and recent years have even seen the reintroduction of eco-friendly electrical engines. As of 2016, Beffen is Norway’s first and only zero-emission vessel classified as a passenger ferry.

Modern times have seen Beffen remain a traditional and cherished part of Bergen, with many big names having crossed Vågen aboard the minuscule vessel — from Norway’s royal family to international pop singer Kurt Nilsen. We are proud to have hosted everything from wedding ceremonies to concerts on board, and have on special occasions had the ferry transported to inland lakes.

Beffen’s tradition-steeped history continues every day. Whether you are in need of a quick ride across Vågen or want to hire Beffen for your own adventures, you are welcome aboard Bergen’s little maritime great!